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Children's Play Update with regards to Covid-19

Board of Directors

Our Board

We would like to introduce our board of directors
President- Sharlene Munday
Vice President- Arielle Leslie
Treasurer- Shannon Roberts
Secretary- Kim Currie
Directors- Tony Vanderhammen
                Emma Munday
                Wanda Snyder

Today is a day of bad news mixed with some good news for all our eager young actors and actresses, who had their play postponed this spring, due to the worldwide pandemic.
We have had to officially cancel the spring production. Our actors, crew and volunteer’s health are our priority right now. Not knowing a definite date, that we can safely resume rehearsals or to even hold a play, means that there will not be a children’s show this year. This uncertainty meant that PumpJack Players has had to end our contract for the licensing of the show.

However, with that said, we are hoping that if the virus can be contained by next year, that the show will hopefully be able to go on.

The board of directors would like to thank all of our cast, the crew and our sponsors who have been so understanding through all of this. Our community is the best for understanding how unsure these times are right now. It takes teamwork to keep everyone safe.

We would like to thank Millar Western for allowing us the use of rehearsal space when the kids so desperately needed a place to practice this year.

We would also like to give a shoutout to the show sponsors who were so willing to help us out with some of our many costs in holding a children’s production. Thank you to JB Cleaning, Millar Western, Staples, Trimline Design, Repeat Boutique, Whitecourt & District Library, ANC, All-West Glass, John Veinotte Handyman, Kal Tire, Life Med Pharmacy, Dunville Properties, Tri-Logging and Mountain Pizza and Steakhouse.

I also wanted to remind 2020 graduates or students who are pursuing an arts program to apply for our 2020 scholarship. For more information, please, go to: https://www.pumpjackplayers.com/our-scholarship

One more bit of good news from Artstrek. “If you’re an Artstrek alumni who is 18 years old and Artstrek 2020 would have been your last opportunity to attend, we will welcome your application for Artstrek 2021!”

I look forward to the day, when we can once more be able to put on performances on the stage for our community. Until then, stay healthy and safe.

Pumpjack Players President,
Sharlene Munday

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