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  • Must be accepted into a secondary education program in the arts including, but not limited to the preforming arts and media.

  • Must be a graduate of a high school in Whitecourt.


Pumpjack Players has increased the annual scholarship amount to $1000 for a local student pursuing education in the arts.


The deadline for the 2023 scholarship is August 15, 2023.


Write up to a 500-word essay including the following:


· Where you have been accepted into school and what program you will be attending

· What local high school you graduated from

· Why you have chosen that career path

· Your experience in the area, if you have any

· Any community volunteer work – related or unrelated to your future career choice

· What are your future goals after graduating from your secondary education program?


Along with the essay, please provide proof of acceptance into the program you will be attending at a secondary education institute.

Email your essay and proof of acceptance to:


We will send you a reply that we have received your application. If you do not receive that reply that we received it, please resubmit your application to ensure you will be considered for the scholarship.


You can also mail your application and proof of acceptance to: Box 2215, Whitecourt, Alberta, T7S 1P8

CONGRATULATIONS to the two winners of our 2023 Scholarships, Arik Aspirot & Gale House! Good luck on your future endeavours!

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